About Me

I am an illustrator currently living in the United States (Florida!) with my rescue dogs Eva and Odin.

I was born in Florida and grew up in a rural area always surrounded by animals and nature. I later attended and graduated from Florida State University.

Although art and illustration have always been my true passion, I am also interested in astronomy, biology, and design. I like the outdoors, am an avid reader, play video games, and practice yoga. 

Fairy tales, whimsy, nostalgia, and my childhood all influence my art, but my biggest inspirations are animals, plants, seasons, and nature. My goal for art is not to tell a story, but to invite the viewer to create a narrative of their own. In this way, each project is another opportunity for me to help tell countless stories.

Where to find me

behance @ahilliard
deviantart @snailcrumpet
society 6 @snailcrumpet
tumblr @snailcrumpet


BA, Art History, 2009, FSU